Thursday, 2 July 2009

No airport for East Kent. Poison for citizens.

Julian Brazier opposes night flights.

Paul Carter isn't sure until Boris tells him.

Geoff Wild and Stephen Dukes take the council dollar and keep schtum.

Brian White and Richard Samuel confirm they have been monitoring but not monitoring. Pay rises all round voted from our sheep-councillors.

Steve Ladyman and Silent Sandys aren't sure but they'll say what you want to hear.

Matt Clarke and Rowland Gunn of Infratil know that noise monitors are required at aiports but removed them.

Tell me again why we're paying £60M for TDC to send £40M to KCC and of the £20M left spend £15M on their own salaries.

And of the £5M left hold £2M in reserve.

Isn't that 90% of council tax spent on nothing.

Except to poison their own citizens.

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