Monday, 27 July 2009

3rd RTC meeting: action agenda

3rd Ramsgate Town Council meeting: 7th September

Let’s hope there are some developments - beyond the filing cabinet - from RTC at the next meeting around:

11 year early death rate: update
Top 5% SOA areas: update
Thor mercury pollution
Cleaner drinking/bathing water
Infratil pollution: drinking water/overflights/night flights/training flights
Air, Water, Noise, Drains monitoring
EA report water pollution: petrol stations, buried pipes
Infratil: 6 dumped jumbo jets clearance/MOD pollution
Derelict Richboro site
ChinaGate update
Contaminated land register and plan
Pleasurama clearance
Port/Foot Ferry/Marina update
Town Centre/Silver Mile update
Refuse/recycling/beach and street cleaning rotas and aims
Street furniture repairs/design styles
Derelict/Burned properties/land register and plan
Monthly Town/District Reports: NHS, Police, Fire, Education, Ambulance, Coastguard
Mayor/Committee reports
Tourism Festivals: Xmas and 2010 (season 1St April-1st October)
Forward plan: 2009 and 2010
TDC/RTC costs/accounts: civil servants £22M and councillors £356k costs
MP and MEP and Quango costs update/reports
Eastcliff Bandstand/Loggia/Lido/2x lifts
Toilets/allotments: derelict and existing
Drugs/Knife crime/Language schools
Political/civil service exams/service standards
Conservation area: existing and future boundaries
Town Utilities update: gas, water, electric, phone, broadband
Meetings: real-time web broadcasts/minutes within 24 hours
AOB: 0% salaries fraud/ChinaGate political donations/ Tesco Bag expenses
Public Questions
Next Meeting

It seems astonishing that TDC are wasting their time on bumf, removing flowerbeds and other foolish policies simply to avoid discussion of their policies and salary costs.

While, the water is poisoned, toxic factories continue to pollute and the Gang of Four remove Mnaston's air and noise monitors or go forth to China with dodgy developer deals.

It's like a council of ther 1970's: secrecy, corruption, incompetence and idle.

Let's hope RTC can do better: the Gang of Four certainly can't.

FOI and EIR (the "Public Right to Know" legislation) means all local government information is available to the public - and it should actually be published as a matter of routine.

No exemptions: not commercial confidentiality, not emails, not notes, not airports, not salaries, not investments. Nothing. As MP's have seen it's public money and policy and needs to be transparent and accountable.

Because government is too incompetent and secretive. As we can see at TDC. A mere tax collection authority.

The councillors should raise a vote of no confidence: the Audit Commission shirks around ChianGate and reveals a wealth of waste that only closing the museums rather than sacking the Gang of Four seems the only choice.

What idiots would have a "Pilot Test" on broadcasting council meetings when Parliament and KCC already do this? Seeming to do a little bit while delay and defer is the reality. Marginally better than the Gang of Four's fake consultations or "emergency" council sessions to hustle policies through the sheep-councillors. They don't even have monthly council meetings usually.

Councils - both civil servants and politicians -simply restrict public involvement through bumf and delay until no-one trusts them. Hence the dramatic falls in elections.

And TDC is rated one of the worst councils in Britain. Stuck right down at the bottom for years.

They can't do it can they?

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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