Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Julian Brazier MP opposes Manston night flights

Julian Brazier MP for Canterbury and Herne Bay wrote to me to confirm he is opposed to night flights.

He cannot explain how noise and air monitors were removed or the mobile monitors failed to be provided for 5 years. Even with CCC and KCC as consultees.

He was "astonished" to hear the airport is built on the East Kent drinking water supply.

He understands the Environment Agency carries out pollution testing at Infratil and Thor mercury. As if.

Steve Ladyman remains silent - yet last week in Parliament asks for "Route Development Funds" presumably as a taxpayer abilout for the $1Bn Infratril.

Silence was the reply.

Laura Sandys remains silent.

Roger Gale remains silent.

TDC's councillors remain silent.

Paul Carter is a no-show.

Brian White is a no-show.

Richard Samuel refuses to answer questions.

What have they been doing to allow repeated major breaches of the 106, the most polluted drinking water supply in South East England and still the pollution continues.

Policy #1: Sack the Gang of Four: Messrs Samuel, Latchford,. Ezekiel and White: no payoffs, no pensions, reclaim the fraudulent 0% pay risies

Policy #2: Close Manston: safeguard the water supply, arrest Infratil Directors, recharge cleanup

Policy #3: End ChinaGate - tear up EKO and any Planning agreements or assumptions wih CGP et al

Policy #4: Axe Pleasurama: start again

What have ouit councillors, civil servants and MP's been playing at?

They simply havce no idea on spending Thanet's £60M council tax reduced to £2M after their salaries and funding KCC.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time For Change.

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