Friday, 31 July 2009

Is that all Commissar Shaw?

A promise of a few hundred jobs for the Kent and Thanet Soviets?

We’ve had this before.

Billions of Euros promised form the Central Bank by Mr Brown. And indeed it was. But dole money not regeneration money.

And the cardboard jobs of bureaucracy or cigarette butt collectors.

And last time as Regional Minister you came down to Ramsgate and smashed our fishing boats.

The promise of jobs is welcome: we need new lungs to filter the air from Infratil and we need fresh kidneys to filter the Thor water.

But you’re in the Thanet poorhouse now not Chatham’s Dickensworld.

This is thin Government gruel of promises.

Please can we have some more meat?

Dry ship’s biscuit from the rubble of Chatham Dockyard and a thin slice of SEEDA cheese in TDC’s accounts and nothing in the Ramsgate pantry.

Mayor Dave has an appetite for regeneration. We need to feed him.

Send us some meat Minister Shaw.

KCCC sends over £100M on bank charge processing – for the banks the Government bailed out.

Send us that meat.

The 20,000 jobs we need for East Kent not never-never promises of a few hundred.

Send us that meat.

Treasury funds from the dark holes of SEEDA and GOSE’s paperclip budget.

Send us that meat.

New industries to revive the battered towns of Medway and Thanet.

Thin Government gruel needs some meat in it.

Please Sir can we have some more?

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