Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Please don't poison us Leader Carter

Not all of us.

Could you poison some of us?

Maybe not.

Less voters. Less council tax. Fiddly to get rid of the bodies.

Don’t poison all of us.

Building a stealth cargo airport on the drinking water supply doesn’t really work.

Except for poisoning all of us. In a 24 mile radius at least: Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Margate, Herne Bay, Canterbury, Dover, Deal, Sandwich.

That’s why the water is polluted for 250,000 people in East Kent.

That’s why there’s an 11 year early death rate.

We’d die at 80 years old in the rest of Kent and UK but at age 69 in East Kent.

Is it the cargo airport with flights at low levels dumping aviation fuel on the people and over the towns?

Is it the Thor mercury factory banned in 1988 and in Africa but still operating?

Is it Infratil and TDC and the Environment Agency not enforcing the 106 requirements to dump fuel into the sea?

Our politicians and civil servants haven’t quietly agreed amongst themselves to loosen the safety regime at Manston have they? Not for a big glory regeneration project?

And lots more early deaths?

Tell us again why Boris Island is a good idea but Manston is a bad idea - or is it the other way round.

An airport in the sea or on the drinking water supply.

And next to KCC Business park.

But please don’t poison us.

That’s what our councillors and civil servants and MP’s are for.

That’s why Richard Samuel and Brian White removed the noise and air monitors from a school and tower block with Infratil over months and years.
That’s why our councillors and MP’s never say anything.

It’s as if Manston and Thor and the missing monitors didn’t exist.
That’s why council meetings are on the dropping of cigarette butts or fake consultations or fake payrises.

That’s why all of us are being poisoned. And not too slowly either.

Best do nothing though.

In fact, pretend there is no problem.

No contaminated land register. That would list all the problems. Best not.

Too expensive to clean up. Too difficult. Impossible.

What should KCC’s £2Bn income be spent on? Or the Environment Agency’s revenue? More paperclip jobs.

Hire Thor to clean up Thor. That makes sense.

Phone Infratil to ask them if they’re polluting. They’re not they say? Put phone down. Job done.

Better to issue permits to continue discharging into the water supply and sea.

Don’t waste it on cleaning the water. After all, Geoff Wild says KCC are liable-but-not-liable doesn’t he?

And over the next 69 years the problem will take care of itself.

Except for the gift that keeps giving to future generations: kerosene and aviation fuel and mercury.

You can’t wipe your kidneys or your lungs clean with a permit.

Should there be more meetings? Could it all be slowed down for a few decades?

Close the airport Leader Carter.

Do it now.

Arrest the Kiwi criminals who are deliberately poisoning Kent and its people.

Sack the Gang of Four.

Police at the gates.

There and Thor.

Water filters.

Blood tests for mercury.

Public water tests.

GP and NHS alerts.

Chem-hazard clean up teams.

Removal of petrol stations on the water supply.

Air tests.

You’re poisoning us through inaction Leader Carter.

Please don’t poison us.

TDC and KCC have failed us enough already.

An 11 year death rate comparable to the Third World. In Kent.

Thanet. Open for pollution business.

Time for Change.


stephen said...

i find your blog very interesting, but where are your facts. anybody can spout off about anything including your blog that is really just scareing people into voting for you. i for one are fed up with bickering and scare mongering politicians. JUST give us the FACTS and let us the voters decide. If you are the Ramsgate Mayor why are you not already doing something about your concerns. i would be interested to see your reply.

Stephen Stock

Tim Garbutt said...

Thanks Stephen: the information is from the Environment Agency, TDC, KCC etc etc.

Some of it is in the published domain and some requested under FOI and EIR.

See the latest post for the Audit Commission for example.

I'm not the Ramsgate Mayor - I agree that the councillors and civil servants need to be doing something on this. Again see latest post.

Change doesn't always work on the electoral cycle: it could be another 2 years for the water clean-up to begin for ewxample.

Politicians and civil servants as you point out don't always reveal or stick to the facts and can provide their own interpetation.

Or ignore things.

FOI and EIR as we've seen with MP expenses and now with the polluted water reveals information or the lack of it.

With TDC rated as one of the worst councils in UK you have to decide if they're doing a good job in improving things.

If any of the points are not facts or incorrect then please let me know.

Feel free to request information from TDC etc: it is the council you elect and pay for to spend your council tax.