Saturday, 11 July 2009

Poisoned water. Emergency council session.

None of us know exactly how polluted the water is: ask Harvey: as the EA and TDC and KCC seem unable to confirm.

It is the most polluted in SouthEast England by the EA's own admission so some dat amust exist.

Based in Allingham I’m sure East Kent's future is less of a concern for Harvey.

Unless the public-funded (by you and me) Kent Tops Travel coaches could bus loads of Thanet people up there to look through the Environmental Registers or to County Hall for the next Cabinet meeting.

Or Harvey could come to us at an emergency session of TDC or Ramsgate Town Council.

Funny how all the emergency council sessions are to rush through night flights or the ChinaGate no-one-can-say-exactly-what-it-is but it's the largest-ever Planning application.

Warehouses. Dozens of cargo warehouses. For a huge cargo airport built opposite Ostend cargo airport and on the drinking water.

But why doesn't Harvey email the toxin reports under EIR the Public Right to Know environmental legislation that unlike FOI has few if any exemptions – unless approved by a Public Interest Test ie in the public’s interest not to know.

Polluted water could be such an interest: if it’s in the public’s interest not to know how polluted the water is because many of them would die or suffer illness.

Thnaet has one of the worst lung cancer rates in the UK and a death -rate discrepancy of 11 years(!): a huge statistical skew for a population of 100,000 in a county of 1.2 M.

Steve Ladyman MP and Roger Gale MP believe the EA that the water pollution is down to the public pouring oil or paint down the sink. It’s definitely not due to a mercury factory or cargo airport built on the drinking water supply.

Roger has been MP for Margate for 30 years. Steve has been MP for Ramsgate for 10 years.

And now we have RTC and TDC councillors paying themselves twice for the same duties and only attending 10 council meetings per year. Isn't the water poisoned the other 2 months?

What have our councillors and civil servants been doing for all these years?

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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