Thursday, 2 July 2009

Wot! No noise monitors. Manston. Redacted.

Geoff Wild the County Legal advisor funded by the taxpayer - and his 86 KCC lawyers - have been aware of 4 dumped jumbo jets on the drinking water supply at Manston.

But do nothing to remove them.


They're certainly aware of them.

They know it's both wrong - and endangers the public.

Nobbled by the politicians or idle?

Geoff's a legal big-wig according to the Legal Society and with 86 public-funded lawyers they can't all be idle.

Maybe they think their role is to give wriggle room to the politicians.

Ask Geoff:

You're paying for him. And his 86 lawyers.

Can't the private sector provide 86 lawyers far cheaper and better? Is the first duty of government to grow itself?

Or are the faked noise reports from the noise monitors removed by TDC and Infratil redacted?

Filed with the Lydd noise reports.

Are we witnessing the death throes of democracy in Kent to be replaced by pseudo-bureaucracy funded by the public but working against it.

Answers on a blank cheque to EKO, c/o TDC/KCC, Manston.

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