Thursday, 9 July 2009

Thor mercury and EA. Testing, Testing...?

Those nice people at Wagtech have sent me a quote for their HM1000 Heavy Metals Analyser which tests for mercury, arsenic, lead. copper and other nasties in the water.

It analyses them down to 0.1 parts per billion and gives a printout or computer graph. As you'd expect these days: full information displayed online almost instantly.

Shouldn’t Andrew Pearce at the Environment Agency buy a dozen or two of these and not only get the EA to actually used them (where are the toxin results from 20 years of EA supervising a factory that closed-but-didn’t-close in 1988 despite being banned in the UK and Africa after poisoning workers and the water table) and also hand them out to schools, hospitals, volunteer groups?

I’m not telling my granny how to suck eggs but if the toxin results are covered up and even EIR requests ignored then the EA hasn’t done any and, given the expertise of TDC’s Planning Dept and councillors, no-one’s being checking there either.

The Gang of Four: Messrs Latchford, Ezekiel, White ands Samuel really are a busted flush aren’t they? Let’s hope when they move on to other jobs they’re not running towns or anything with people in it.

Nor our MP’s who stated that the chemical fire was “nothing to worry about just close your windows”. Sure. And don’t breathe in the mercury cloud.

It’ll rot your lungs.

And that the water pollution, from the EA briefing, was due to “paint and oil down the sink” while the EA now claim that there’s huge improvements to the water in oil and paint recycling – only how would they know?

Oil and paint recycling wouldn’t affect the water supply. The problem is putting the stuff in the water supply.

If that is the problem. And none of the recycling plants take paint while oil has only just begun.

No news either from KCC and Geoff Wild with his 86 (!) KCC lawyers (isn’t that about £3M in tax-salaries and removing income from the private sector?) on removing the 4 dumped jumbo jets at Manston.

The lazy boys at EA only realised there was 4 dumped jumbo jets at Manston last month. Site visits are so difficult. Especially to pollution sites like airports. So very difficult.

It occurs to me that either they’re very thick and in which case we shouldn’t be employing them. Maybe not. Benefit of the doubt.

Or they’re lazy. Possibly.

Or they simply don’t care. Possibly.

Or they’ve been nobbled by the politicians who want to expand the airport but any costs to Infratil or proper regulation would actually make the airport untenable. Probably.

I can’ t explain why Brian White and Richard Samuel removed the noise and air monitors with Infratil and refused to provide mobile monitors. And for 5 years have pretended at each KIACC meeting even when Richard was Chair that there was monitoring.

And of course our councillors are silent. Many of them know about it. But a nod a wink a weak smile and the public’ll never know. Give ‘em a pay rise and move them sideways to count pencils.

Would Geoff as County lawyer be personally liable-but-not liable if there was an accident or widespread pollution? He can’t after all claim that he didn’t know? Would it be Paul Carter? Would it be Peter Gilroy?

Would it be Steve Ladyman or Roger Gale?

Who would carry the can and help bury the bodies?

But EA gave a “Noddy presentation” to TDC last month on “Please don’t pollute your water supply as it tends to kill you and the people around you. Some of them may get annoyed and venture forth to Allingham or County Hall or Cecil Sq.” with helpful guides such as “petrol stations on the water supply are not good” and “aviation fuel in the sea while issue a discharge permit”.

Bizarrely the presentation didn’t actually mention the mercury factory, solvent factory and airport on the water supply that is Thor, Sericol and Infratil.

What have the EA and TDC’s councillors and civil servants been doing?

They’re so stupid they’re even poisoning themselves and don't know what to do.

If you’d like, email Andy: and ask for the EIR results and if HM 1000’s can be provided for schools, hospitals and community groups.

Maybe not. Too expensive. Too difficult. Impossible.

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