Friday, 24 July 2009

The Gang of Four can't do it can they?

Running towns.

Improving services.

Reducing costs.

They can't do it can they?

Utter incompetence from Messrs Samuel, White, Latchford and Ezekiel:

* polluted drinking water with Infratil and Thor

* £60M council tax; £40M sent to KCC, £20M council salaries: £2M reserves: £3M left for the towns and services

* now they seem to be approving Pleasurama via a British Virgin Islands company with mystery Directors

Any old rubbish will do for Thanet it seems for the Gang of Four.

Bumf, flannel and bullshot is all they offer.

Mere dodgy developer deals r us.

If only they'd spare us their grand political views and get the towns smartened.

They can't do it can they?

And the sheep-councillors seem unable to exercise scrutiny and control of council costs.

Mere cheerleaders rather than community leaders.

Along with the 0% salary fraud it's the kind of thing the Audit Commission would be all over like a rash.

It goes beyond slipping and sliding around good governance and veers into mismanagement of public funds.

Sheer incompetence again.

Just like the ChinaGate dodgy deals and previous unanimous viote.

And Planning to build above the clifftop.

Airports on the drinking water. Out-of-town-shoping-centres-near-the-town-centres.

Foolish glory projects and quick fix white elephants.


They can't do it can they?

The Gang of Four are simply wasting time and services to improve Thanet.

Sack 'em.

Sack 'em hard: no payoffs, no pensions, no more responsible public sector jobs.

If the councillors are too incompetent or mere National Party sheep or County brown-nosers then the public can do it by refusing to pay council tax, paying council tax slowly, blocking access to Pleasurama, boycotting council meetings, creating a Voluntary Council, voting off with "recall" failed councillors.

11 year early death rate in Thanet.

12% unhemployment in Margate.

The burning down and falling down of the towns.

And then the most foolish plans to attempt to reverse the failure.

The Gang of Four are simply incompetent.

They can't do it.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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