Friday, 3 July 2009

28 reasons why Margate burns and Ramsgate Rises

1. With the 2nd Ramsgate Town Council (RTC) meeting upon us soon isn’t there unfinished business for Mayor Dave to drive the agenda forward?

2. Axe Pleasurama – end the waste of time and funds on mystery tax haven developers. For all we know they could be funding councillors or civil servants. A building above the cliff-top and below the floodline is typical of TDC but let’s hope not for RTC

3. Axe ChinaGate – only the Gang of Four have benefited from the developer donations and trips and Tesco bag of receipts

4. Suspend Manston cargo flights to protect the water supply and enforce the 106: clearly night flights and loop training flights and overflights are not acceptable to the public and jobs in and around the flightpaths/towns across East Kent

5. When will the Eastcliff Bandstand be properly finished?

6. All council votes recorded by councillor for transparency?

7.Recall the fraudulent 0% but 30% salary increases

8.Recall of failed councillors and civil servants and MP’s – as in USA: 10% petition

9. Where is the Election Ferry and foot passengers on TEF?

10.When will Ramsgate Town Hall be repaired and open to the public?

11. VIC opening hours: none of this swapping with Margate nonsense each election

12. When will all TDC costs by department: salaries, expenses, pensions, cars etc be made public?

13.All meetings and documents automatically public/FOI/EIR “the Public Right to know” – no exemptions for press and public: where are the previous minutes, agendas and accounts; agendas circulated 2 weeks in advance – bring your mobile camera/video camera for footage

14. Where is RTC’s budget? On £20M for TDC that makes c.£6M for each of the towns. When is the £2M reserve spent?

15. Why no flags flying from our flagpoles – has the town died?

16.When will the Eastcliff Loggia and concrete-filled fountains be repaired?

17When will the Westcliff Lift be working – it’s not built to be derelict

18Where is the missing Tram Shelter insurance money and repairs?

19When will then Military Arches repairs and lamps and lightbulbs be finished?

20All the seafront shelters and benches repaired?

21.When will the new Bandstand toilet be replaced – hasn’t there been enough “death by council” for Ramsgate: reducing amenities or not repairing them?

22.Where are the street cleaning rotas? Garden, flowerbeds and roundabout rotas? Tourist signs?

23.Where are the drinking water and sea water and air and noise records?

24.Who are the councillors for Thor and Sericol and Infratil pollution?

25How many derelict or disused properties in Ramsgate

26Where is the Contaminated Land Register?

27Is the water supply now protected from further contamination?

28How much council tax rebate and reduction is required for the failures to repair the towns?

29Where are the representatives of the Police/Fire/Coastguard/Ambulance/NHS/Education on their work in the towns: shouldn’t there be elections of officials against policies?

With 80% of council tax provided to KCC and Police/Fire etc: c.£60M – why is TDC operating on only £20M – and raising council tax? Why is £15M of the £20M spent on TDC salaries. Plus a £2M reserve that leaves only £3M to fund councillors and repairs to the town.

Time for RTC to fly the flag as Ramsgate Rises from the corruption and incompetence of TDC’s 35 years of failure.

Do we really need so many paid councillors and civil servants if the town's aren't improved?

What have they been doing? 90% of copuncil tax spent on nothing except funding a council to poison the drinkign water and remove all the safety measures from a cargo airport by stealth.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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