Wednesday, 15 July 2009

How's your kidneys?

Well I hope.

Don' t want to lose those I'd guess.

Back and forwards to the hospital. Maybe a dialysis machine at home. If things are really bad then waiting for a donor.

Even worse for children or your elderly relatives.

Ask a councillor how their kidneys are doing. Or an MP. Or a civil servant.

You see, mercury poisoning tends to rot the kidneys first.

While aviation fuel - which is essentially kerosene - wouldn't be too good for you either.

That's why Thor mercury should have closed in 1988 as it poisoned the water table and several workers. Then they did the same thing in Africa.

And what do you think would happen to all the aviation fuel discharge at low level on towns and then into the drinking water supply at Manston?

Or all the petrol stations that surround the airport and drinking water supply?

Still no news from the Environment Agency on the toxin results at Thor: clearly they haven't done any for Thanet's water which is the most polluted in the South East.

Here's a link for a similar problem in USA:

Any councillors or civil servants been to Thor or Infratil for a taste test?

We could pay them an extra bonus payment if their kidneys were damaged.

£40M in council tax sent to KCC but we can't manage to provide clean water for the towns.

And an aiprort that can only expand by Brian White of Broadstairs and Richard Samuel of Wye from the Gang of Four hiding the noise and air monitors so the real cost to Toxic Thanet can' be revealed: already one of the highest lung cancer rates in the UK.

Smoking doesn't do that. Lots of people smoke.

Old coalmines or a cargo aiport on the edge of the towns won't help.

An 11 year early death rate: the highest in Kent. That's a statistical skew off the scale. A large mercury factory polluting the water for 20 years too long won't help.

And outr councillors all keep schtum. Obviously they knew about the airport noise monitors but they chose to remain silent.

Our MP's assure us there's nothing to worry about during a chemical fire and that the water's polluted because the public pour paint and oil down the sink.

What have our councillors and MP's and civil servants been doing?

Anyone know how to remove mercury and kerosene from the water and your kidneys?

Or it it too expensive?

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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