Thursday, 23 July 2009

TDC costs from Audit Commission auditor

In response to the information you have requested, I am able to provide the following details. Please note that all figures relating to 2008/09 are currently subject to audit.

1:Thanet District Council bank account details and investments: As at 31 March 2009 (the current year of audit), the Council has reported in its draft accounts short term investments of £6.936m, and a balance at bank of £988,000.

2: The East Kent internal audit report re Deal Council: I am not the auditor of Deal Council and do not have a copy of this report.

3: TDC payroll costs by department 2008/09: Please find analysis below.
Chief Executive Directorate

Environmental Services Directorate

Customer Services and Business Transformation Directorate

Finance and Corporate Services Directorate

Community Services Directorate

Legal and Democratic Services Division

Regeneration and Economic Development Directorate


4 TDC Members' allowances: Total Members' allowances for 2008/09 are recorded as £356,000.

5 Costs relating to CGP/ Pleasurama: I do not hold this information.

6 Tram Shelter insurance money: I understand that the Tram Shelter insurance issue was dealt with approximately five years ago (before I was appointed as auditor) and there are no entries in the 2008/09 accounts.

The unusual thing is the salary costs are detailed as £15M in the report and accounts not the new figure of £22M.

I've asked the auditor to advise on this and also the staffing levels per department: there seems to be 500-700 staff at TDC.

With £60M in tax collected then - as a glance around the towns will show - the public are paying for the council to fund itself not provide services. For years and decades.

We seem to have the civil servant running rings around the councillors and the councillors acting as cheerleaders for the civil servants rather than the public.

And none of them seem capable of running a council and towns well.

Poisoned water.

Stealth airport development.

Noise and air monitors removed.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change

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